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School Meals

We have launched Happy Lunchtimes and the children and staff are loving it!


Alongside our usual lunchtime  clubs and activities we have introduced an area called 'The Zone'. In this area there is a different activity every day for the children to enjoy. 

The lunchtime staff are rewarding good behaviour/manners with beautiful pom-poms which are placed into tubes designated to the children's planet teams. Which team will win?

Each term each member of our lunch time staff will nominate a child who has displayed outstanding behaviour throughout the term. They will be treated to a pace at ......... 'The table of awesomeness' on which the pupil governors will select tasty treats and 'cool stuff' for them to enjoy! Weekly awards are also selected by each member of lunch staff and these are presented in celebration assembly. 


During wet break we will have different zones for the children to chose from: a movie zone, construction zone, disco zone, friendship/hangout zone, craft zone for example. Wet break boredom is a thing of the past! 


So far there have been so many lovely activities from making a friendship tree to turning the playground into a piece of Albert Village art.

The children and staff are smiling and it's lovely to hear the children tell us why they have earned their pom-poms.